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K 14 Ethical production

All production at Bertelsen Holding Herning A/S’ (BHH) four production factories is performed under ethically correct conditions, with the use of adult labour and in consideration of the environment.




All employees share a common responsibility for their own and the company’s development.

Employees are our most valuable resource. Competence, motivation and commitment are vital, both in our dealings with customers and to create a favourable working environment.

  • Trust. All relations must be based on honesty, loyalty, consideration and respect.
  • Change. Our way of working must be characterised by understanding, acceptance and a positive approach to changes.
  • Opportunities. All employees must have the opportunity to influence, develop and improve their competences to reach their own and the company’s goals.
  • Responsibility. All employees share a common responsibility for their own and the company’s development.



Our managers are obliged to observe the group’s values and our management style must be:

  • Consistent
  • Direct
  • Dependable
Our managers also have the important duty of contributing to and developing the company.


All employees must be aware of, respect and fulfil the group’s zero-tolerance policy regarding all forms of discrimination.


The company’s goal is that the social composition of the company should reflect the diversity in society. In all recruitment and other relations, the company assumes that all people are equal. Nobody who works for, or applies for a position in, the group may be discriminated against on the basis of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, political beliefs or social status.
Nor do we accept physical, mental, verbal or sexual harassment. When it comes to diversity and equality, and based on the collective agreements, the principle of equal pay for equal work applies.

Freedom to organise:

BHH respects employees’ right to participate in associations and organisations, to organise into unions and, in accordance with national laws and practice, to enter into collective agreements.

Work environment:

In all of our activities, we prioritise employee health and safety highly. This prioritisation of safety applies to all forms of work environments. No employee may suffer physical or mental overload due to the workplace. The manager is responsible for the team, group or division, but all involved persons have a duty to cooperate and strive to ensure the development of ongoing improvements and to prevent injuries of all kinds.

BHH only permits smoking in designated areas and never if other people are caused discomfort by this smoking.

Best regards
Villy H. Bertelsen